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Happy to use zoom for piano or singing. 

Cavern Music is a private studio with no expensive overheads.

Just quality teaching.



Singing/vocal lessons are a worthile activity for anyone, especially those who use their voice for a living. Classroom teachers, presenters, business execs who have to deliver speeches, as well as singers. Vocal problems can and should be avoided and it is surprisingly easy to damage a voice through improper use, or ill-informed training.

Your voice is your very own personal musical instrument, it is a wonderful thing to be able to share the joy of singing with family and friends, and who knows, maybe a career awaits.

  • Piano Lessons: using AMEB and or ANZCA for examinations if desired. But primarily the focus is on learning to play the piano for fun and enjoyment. There is nothing better than being able to relax by playing your favorite songs on the piano or Keyboard. At Cavern Music lessons are taylored to each individuals goals and ambitions.

Double Bass: rockabilly, slap bass style as in The Stray Cats.

 LET's ROCK! At Cavern Music we understand the importance of being able to play your instrumentsquickly, especially if you want to get into a band! So you will get all the short cuts. But also If you want to be serious, then of course we can help you learn to read notation both Tab and Treble Cleff. Using fun innovative materials. .

Piano/ Keyboard
Double Bass 
Electric Bass Guitar  
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