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Music for little Mozarts piano lessons for children from age 4 to 6
Classroom Music


Classroom Music for Little Mozarts is perfect for pre schools, where individual books are not required. Lessons are interesting and full of fun with moving to music, songs and games designed to teach a different musical concept with each lesson. Lesson plans cover a 10 lesson period, so perfect for a term of music. Book 2 advances students towards recognizing musical notation. the course progresses seamlessly into graded piano lessons. Book 3 and 4 completes a year of musical fun.


The Classroom music course can be used in preschools, or it can complement the graded lesson books for individual lessons. No one is too young to begin learning about music, and to begin learning to read notation. After all we start teaching our children their letters and numbers as soon as they are interested, why not music notation.




Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts is the perfect way to start your toddler in music with an empahsis on learning the piano. 

This course is designed for children from age 4 through to age 6 and is designed to flow seamlessly into the higher levels. No need to unlearn a different methodology. From the beginning the correct methods, no contradictions, no complications. Children learn correct notation and theory in a fun and engaging way using rhythm and song. In no time, 4 year olds are sightreading their songs and playing the piano.

Children love Beethoven Bear and Mozart mouse and the other characters such as Clara Schumann Cat and J.S. Bunny, each character representing their namesake composer. The lessons follow the story of how Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse and friends learn to play the piano. Children learn along with them,

perfect for private one on one lessons, or groups.

Parents are welcome to join in the fun.




4 to 6 Year Olds and even younger.

Music for Little Mozarts is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the magic

of music. Designed specifically for toddlers ages 4 to 6 it is nevertheless adaptable

to suit children even younger. perfect for preschool music classes, or one on one

lessons. Mummy is welcome to stay and learn along with her child.

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