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Brandi: Singing, Piano, Bass and Double Bass

Brandi started Cavern Music in Melbourne nearly 30 years ago. After many years studying Piano she teaches using innovatice methods gleaned from years of experience.

A member of ANATS, Brandi specializes in contemporary singing styles, rock, pop, blues, country, belt, musical theatre, and even scream.

Singing all her life Brandi is a natural talent from starring in theatre productions as a Child, to fronting popular rock bands as an adult. 

Classically trained singing teachers cannot model modern singing styles, and most contemporary teachers come from jazz or musical theatre backgrounds and surprisingly this also limits their perceptions of what a voice can do. Belting and using primal sounds in singing are still frowned upon by some teachers as not healthy for the voice, yet rock singers keep defying the status quo. Brandi still has a healthy powerful voice after many years of singing hard edged rock styles, pop, jazz, and even some classical. 

To put some theory behind the practical, she completed a Post graduate Diploma in Vocal Pedagogy in 2013.

Multi Instrumentalist, Brandi teaches and plays Piano and Electric and Double bass.

using the AMEB and ANZCA syllabi for piano and singing Brandi has successfully tutored hundreds through exams at every level. But the focus of learning is always to enjoy.

At Cavern Music we Make Music FUN.

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