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21 Jan 2017,

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Suzi and Elvis?
Suzi and Elvis?

No Brandi n DeanVegas

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Music for Little Mozarts
Music for Little Mozarts

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21 Jan 2017,

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Learn piano, bass, and singing and early childhood music for little mozarts.

Lessons with pro musos.

Want to learn to sing like the pros?

Play electric Bass, Double Bass or Piano ?

Cavern Music can help.

with 30 years in the business we know what you want to know.

innovative methods and a can do approach we'll have you singing and/or playing in no time. We Make Music FUN



Experienced pro musos as your teachers. 30 years in the business. Brandi has also acheived a Post Graduate Diploma in Vocal Pedagogy.

Learning your chosen instrument including singing at Cavern Music is more like being a member of a club. We believe you are embarking on a life changing experience, and so we look after you on your journey, promising to keep a record of your development for future reference.

Your lesson contributions entitle you to lifetime membership of Cavern Music. 






All students are given a solid grounding in the basics of good singing with specific exercises to suit their individual needs.Their development is nurtured and exercises are graded to assist with growth.

Assistance in 

--audition preparation.

--guidance in performance, and 

--developing stage craft.

Instruction in 

-breath control, 



-tone development, and 

-articulation, etc

Brandi is a member of ANATS,

a Griffith post graduate and a performing artist.


All students are given graded lessons from beginner to advanced using the best materials available.

Exams are encouraged but not mandatory.

Students are encouraged to explore the wealth of music on the internet after they have acheived a certain minimum skill level so that lessons come alive!

Ongoing performance opportunities are encouraged and assistance with stagecraft and repertoire development is given to those who want to take their music to the next level.

All students are given graded lessons from beginner to advanced using the best materials available.

Reading the dots is encouraged, as is also learning to read tab.

It is an accepted part of learning your instrument that short cuts will be passed onto students as these instruments are usually intended for gigging. So fast tracking to gigging standard is an accepted part of training, if desired.

Music for Little Mozarts is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the magic of music. Whether you want your child to eventually be able to play an instrument or sing or both Music for Little Mozarts prepares them for whatever the future may hold musically. 

Not just singing dancing and rhythm games, Music for Little Mozarts was designed by the creaters of the Alfred series of music lesson books. 

This program leads your child seamlessly into graded piano books. But it also advances their ability to read music for any instrument including the voice, guitar, or bass guitar, and even other stringed instruments like violin or cello.

Piano should be the starting point for any childs musical journey as it works both sides of the brain at once, and it teaches both treble and bass cleffs giving a solid grounding in music theory and understanding and developes cognitive ability in all other areas of learning-not just music. 

It is designed to be a worthwhile activity whether the child has a piano at home or not. And the take home materials include books and c.d.'s of the songs learned so they are useful and value for money.

Brandi has been teaching early childhood music to students with Music for Little Mozarts for many years because it works. 

For children who love to sing it is fundamental that they also understand written notation. Music for Little Mozarts encourages singing and is an excellent pre activity for young children perhaps too young for formal singing lessons.

Music for Little Mozarts is excellent in Private lessons as well as group lessons.


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